Setting Up A Multiple-Monitor Workstation

A study by Microsoft found that adding a second display to your workstation can boost productivity by up to 50 percent! Here are a few tips for making the jump to a multi-monitor setup:

Make sure your computer is ready
Most modern computers ship with the ability to utilize multiple monitors right out of the box. Check to see if your PC has multiple DVI, VGA, or HDMI ports. If not, you may need an adaptor to plug multiple monitors in.

Pick your monitors
Monitors today are cheaper than ever. You have a wide variety of high quality choices available. Ideally, choose monitors that are the same size, make, and model for ease of setup. It is possible to use different types of monitors if necessary, but the result will not be as streamlined.

Choose your mounting solution
No matter how your workstation is currently configured, we have the mounting solution to fill your needs. Whether you are looking for a wall mount, a clamp mount, or a simple stand mount, we have you covered. Looking to move beyond two screens? No problem! We have solutions that allow you to mount up to six monitors on a single stand.

Get everything connected and set up
Once you have your monitors mounted and your workstation configured, it is time to get everything connected and set up. Connect your monitors to the computer and plug them in. Most modern operating systems will automatically detect the second monitor, but you may need to do some setup in your computer’s control panel.

Multiple monitor workstations will increase your productivity in ways you can’t imagine if you’ve never experienced it. When you are ready to make the jump to a multimonitor setup, we have the monitor mount you need. Shop our extensive collection of monitor mounts or give us a call if you have any questions.