Triple Monitor Mounts

We have a great collection of powerful triple monitor mounts. From the classic stand mount (AMR3S), to the sturdy clamp mount (AMR3C), or the innovative pole/grommet mount (AMR3P), Monumental Mounts has you covered. Create your own Eyefinity set up with monitors up to 24 inches!

Stay tuned for our newest, never before seen Articulating Triple Monitor Mount supporting up to 27" monitors!


Background on Types of Mounts:
Stand: The classic, strong and sturdy mount. They will "stand" on your desk and hold your monitors firmly in place.  
Clamp: The most secure mount. They clamp onto the edge of your desk and tighten in place to for maximum monitor safety and plenty of desk space!
Pole: These special mounts provide the best of both the stand and clamp designs, fitting into the existing holes on your desk and tightening in place. No overhang, very secure, and tons of space! 
Articulating: For when you need a larger range of motion. These clamp mounts are incredibly adjustable. Put your monitor where you want it!