Five Types Of Wall Mounted Monitor Setups

When you are working with limited space for your home office, you need to get creative, especially when space is at a premium and you can’t just have the gigantic desk you’ve always wanted. Even so, when you come up with innovative solutions to these types of problems with monitor mounts, you will end up having a workstation that will work more efficiently and that’s customized for your space. In our experience, giant desks are a mix of good and bad. They are good because you have a lot of room to spread your computers, laptops, tablets, and papers. They are also bad because oftentimes most of the space will end up with stacks of papers. Even if you clean up every few weeks, piles will continue to reappear like magic.

Regain Desk Space By Mounting Your Monitor

While it is pretty common to wall-mount HDTVs, computer screens are more rare. Still, we’ve seen dorm rooms and small lofts, where there isn’t any place for a dedicated home office and this solution seems to work well. It also makes the monitor less of an eyesore.

The Minimal Wall-Mounted Workstation

For this type of desk to work, you don’t need much. A floating shelf will work but for desktop computers, you will need fancier options from Monumental Mounts. This desk is nice and minimal, and will work in any number of small places.

Zero Footprint Workstation

In a bind you can wall-mount your monitor near any table. If this ends up being in the kitchen or the dining table, you will end up with something that will work for families as well as people who live alone.

The Lightbox Desk

This workstation features a wall-mounted monitor but the distinctive x-ray viewer desk is minimal, doesn’t take up much space, but is still effective.

The Craft Room Workstation

When you wall-mount your computer monitor, that doesn’t mean that your workstation needs to be minimal. The options are endless.