Quad Monitor Stand Mount (1 over 3) - AMR4S+


Product Description

This incredibly versatile product supports up to four 24" monitors, each with 
a maximum individual weight of 15.5 lbs. Not only will the strong and sturdy 
mount have no trouble holdingVESA certified 75x74 or 100x100 monitors,
(fitting the above criteria), it is also extremely adjustable!
  • Each monitor can be placed at a different height to accommodate different sized monitors
  • All four monitors have 360º rotation (meaning landscape, portrait, or anything in-between)
  • Also included is a +/-20º tilt in any direction, individually for All Four Monitors ensuring maximum user comfort
  • ​Height Adjustable with a maximum height of 12.8" (from the desk to the center of the VESA Plate), for the first row, and 28" for the top monitor 

​Benefits of Stand Mounting:

​This type of mount is the classic stand mount. Maneuverable and reliable,stand mounts are the most popular mounting option for monitors. They don't need to be unscrewed to be relocated and they don't require a desk lip to mount onto like clamp based mounts.