10 Pack of Drop Ceiling Projector Mount - AMRDCP100KIT


Product Description

If you're looking to get your projector off your desk and up into your ceiling, this drop ceiling mount is the mount for you!


Pack of 10 AMRDCP100KIT.

The AMRDCP-100KIT replaces a 2x2 ceiling tile, allowing for a quick and clean installation; no messy tile cutting or drilling. With install times under 1 hour, it is a fast, easy way to let you get on with your day! 

The Drop Ceiling Projector Mount is a universal mount that can hold up to 30 lb projectors. With the With the included projector mount arms, the product can reach mounting holes on your projector up to 12.1" apart. If this is insufficient, there is a mounting accessory that extends this distance to a maximum of 15.7". (This will be required for some ViewSonic Projectors as well as the newer Epson models).

The product also features:

  • multiple mounting holes for optimal alignment
  • a lightweight, heat dissipating surface
  • 180º tilt
  • 360º rotation

All contributing to helping you to get your projector in the perfect position!