Which Projector Mount Is Right For You?

When the time comes to install a projector, one of the most important questions that can be asked is how it will be mounted. Is the intention to make it a permanent fixture, or will it only be set up when needed? This may also depend on whether there is a plan is place to dedicate one room for all projector usage, or whether the projector is intended for use in different rooms. We not only carry a wide variety of monitor mounts,e also carry a vast selection of projector mounts that are sure to work for your specific needs!

Determining How and Where The Projector Will Be Used

The first thing prospective purchasers should focus on is how they intend to use the projector because this has a lot to do with which kind of mount is the right one.The room itself may be a factor. Some rooms may not have enough floor space for a floor mount, so a ceiling mount would make more sense. Finally, you should consider the projector’s power and connection requirements.These factors may also determine how it can and cannot be mounted.

Projector Floor Stands

The big advantage of using a floor stand is that the projector does not need to stay in one room. They provide portability and accessibility to the user. This makes a floor stand an excellent choice for anyone who chooses to move the projector from one room to another or allow others to use it.

Ceiling Projector Mounts

Ceiling projector mounts make an excellent choice for users intending to install a projector in one location permanently. The projector can be out of the way and can be placed in a high-traffic area without blocking the way. A ceiling mount allows for cables to be safely tucked out of the way eliminating unsightly clutter.

Both floor stands and ceiling projector mounts have pros and cons, making neither completely suitable for all situations. Monumental Mounts has a selection of both and the knowledge to help you make the right decision for your home. Order now and receive free shipping on all orders.