The Benefits Of Well Designed Monitor Mounts In Medical And Dental Settings

There has been a dramatic increase in the need for correct monitor mounts in medical and dental settings. Placing a monitor and keyboard on a counter or shelf is no longer acceptable for the following reasons:

  • Limited Space - The growing use of computers, monitors and carts has created space restriction problems.
  • Meeting patient needs - Whether entertaining patients or presenting them with information, one static location for a monitor or TV will not meet the needs of every patient.

The Importance Of Proper Ergonomics

With better knowledge of workplace-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back, neck and shoulder pain, healthcare and dental managers are recognizing the need to provide ergonomically correct workplaces for their staff. The simple definition of ergonomics is the adaptation of the workplace to the worker. Mounting systems need to adapt to the people who use them.

People’s physical proportions vary considerably and mounting systems need to easily adjust for each caregiver. Administrative and patient care tasks are handled more safely and efficiently with properly designed monitor mounts. Proper ergonomics can also save money through fewer missed days due to injury and increased productivity because employees are comfortable in their work environment.

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