Maxing Out Workspace Productivity

We’re all individuals and we all live our lives a little differently. We learn differently, play differently, and work differently. However, there are certain ways of doing things that can boost your productivity, reduce stress, and just make life easier.

If your job involves sitting in an office, cubicle, or computer workstation, read on to discover a few tips for making your professional life a little more satisfying.

  1. Rearranging and purging is your first step. Need more space on the desk? A monitor mount creates more desk room, and can optimize the viewing experience.
  2. Essential items should be within arm’s reach. Anything else goes into a drawer or container.
  3. For documents, whether it’s a physical copy or on the computer, create three files: Inbox, In Progress, and Complete. Also, mark all of your files with an expiration date. Getting rid of outdated documents will keep your files manageable and slim.
  4. Make sure email stays manageable. Prioritize them into folders, where urgent messages get initial attention while less important emails are read at the end of the day.
  5. In today’s digital world, you have more discretion than ever when it comes to deciding which documents need to be physical, and which can stay in a computer file. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless.
  6. Decide where you work and don’t work. Maybe you need a quiet area dedicated to brainstorming or planning. Separate those spaces and cut down on office distractions.